This is our tribute page to the greatest beverage ever produced, manufactured, imbibed, or conceived!  Regular Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade ®!  Regular as in NOT the diet version.  It seems grocery stores will carry the diet version, but it is increasingly hard to find the regular version for sale anywhere!

Our eventual intention with this site is to show Sunkist how many people love Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade ® and see if we can help them get it marketed and sold in areas of the U.S. where it is currently absent!

So give a shout-out to our favorite sparkling beverage by signing the guestbook and checking the links.  There is a link to the official Sunkist ® website as well, so if you are so inspired you can write them an email or perhaps even give them a call!
SUNKIST is a registered trademark of Sunkist Growers Inc., used under license by the Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.  © 2006 Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. All Rights Reserved.  This website has no affiliation with Sunkist Growers, Inc. or Dr. Pepper/Seven Up.  It is simply run by people who are fanatical about Sunkist Lemonade!  And in all honesty, who wouldn't be?  Drink it if you can find it!
Together, maybe we can bring it back to the shelves of grocery stores nationwide!  Until then we say, "Drink it if you can find it!"
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